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Warehouse & Fulfillment

GT Marketing operates out of a 30,000 square foot climate-controlled warehouse which includes deisgnated space to accomodate our client's storage needs. Combining this with a fully-equipped production floor, GT Marketing has the capacity and capabilities to handle all of your specialized fulfillment needs.

Due in part to our optimized warehouse management system, our pick, pack, and ship fulfillment is speedy and efficient. We complete the process quickly and effectively, allowing you to sell bigger and grow your business faster.
Complicated projects with multi-piece letters and fragile materials require an extra hands-on touch that our staff will gladly provide. Careful attention to detail and strict quality control means that all hand-assembled pieces are done correctly and without compromise.
Our high-speed shrinkwrapping and polybagging capabilities give your high volume projects the protection they need. These packaging methods allow you to package multiple products together. This minimizes foreseeable wear and tear during the postal process, secures all your contents in a single sealed package, and provides a cost-effective method of packaging a large amount of materials.
By keeping your materials on our premises we can make it easy for both you and your end user to quickly order new materials through customized websites and interfaces. This gives you full control over which documents or materials are shipped and when the orders will be fulfilled.
Our emphasis on pick and pack fulfillment means that our inventory management stays prioritized. We keep track of all materials and collateral in an orderly fashion in order to minimize retrieval time. A properly managed and stocked warehouse provides a consistent supply of material whenever it is needed.