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What Is The Single Most Important Element In Your Direct Marketing Efforts?

Is it the offer itself, the graphic design, or maybe the copy? The single most important element of every direct-mail campaign is the completeness, accuracy, and relevance of your mailing list. If you are going to recognize an acceptable return on investment from your direct mail campaign, you must make certain that the right audience gets your message.

List Hygiene

A clean, comprehensive, and accurate list is more important than any other aspect of a direct-mail campaign. You can spend thousands of dollars on expensive paper, neon colors, and irresistible copy, but if your message never gets to your target audience, you’re just throwing money away. GT Marketing will ensure your list is “clean” using state of the art data processing software and the most current U.S. Post Office requirements.

Need A List?

GT Marketing was built on a foundation of target excellence. As a registered list broker with almost two decades of experience purchasing lists, we can locate and obtain any list on the market and/or use our data manipulation capabilities to create the most effective list for your project.

Other Lists

Postal-Approved Data Processing Services

In order to qualify for the lowest possible postage rates, the United States Postal Service (USPS) requires that a mailing list be processed through USPS approved address standardization, address change updating, and zip code sorting software. GT Marketing subscribes to the most current USPS-approved software which is updated monthly, and our list processing procedures conform to all the regulations specified by the USPS.

For detailed descriptions of these mailing standards, please click on the tabs below:

Customized Data Processing Solutions

We offer various supplement data processing services to meet the specific needs of our customers. We have the software and the programming expertise needed to handle special niche projects and micro-targeting initiatives. Whether it’s taking a single list and breaking it up into smaller lists based on the radius of various zip codes or meeting sites, or matching and aligning the names based on a client’s predetermined sales territories, we can slice and dice a list to reach the right target audience.

Automated Merge/Purge and Removal of Duplicate Records

Duplicate names and addresses are commonly found when records from more than one list source are combined with another list source to be used for the same mailing. Removing these duplicate names in advance of the print run reduces the number and cost of mailing pieces that have to be printed, as well as the postage costs associated with the unnecessary names. Preventing your customers from getting more than one mailing piece also shows that you are diligent in your marketing efforts, and supports your company’s image of fiscal conservatism.