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Lettershop Services

At GT Marketing, we specialize in the science of creating innovative direct marketing products by using the most advanced lettershop equipment available, ensuring economical and highly effective campaigns.

Our commercial high-speed inkjet printer works quickly and efficiently, allowing for variable direct addressing on a majority of media formats, all while maintaining our fast turnaround times. We only use ink from the original manufacturer in order to ensure long-term durability and print lifetime, as well as a high-quality and crystal clear final product.
Using our wafer sealing and tab affixing hardware we can self-affix your newsletter or brochure so that it gets to the customer with the presentation you intended. Staples were the old standard, but tend to tarnish your piece's presentation as well as cause hassle for the post office. Wafer seals do not block any official mailing bar codes or address information, and leave your mailer intact on arrival.
Common paper folding includes simple bi-folds and tri-folds. We are capable of this and much more, and are capable of complex nested folders, accordion folders, and tapered folders. A proper folding job is crucial to maintaining good presentation in your printed piece. Our expert team takes special care to avoid cracked or wrinkled folds, guaranteeing a crisp and clean final presentation.
Perforation is necessary for book covers, bi-folds, greeting cards, invitation cards, and tear-off coupons. This is particularly beneficial to ad mailers and coupons, where a return card may need to be mailed back. Making this as hassle-free as possible provides a level of convenience to your customers that will ensure a better response rate and ultimately a better customer experience.
Our on-site inserter is perfectly suited for high-volume jobs with thick marketing and material packages. Organizing and planning your customer's "out of the mailbox" experience gets increasingly complex as the number of inserts increases. At GT Marketing we match the exact plans and specifications of selective inserts so that your customer receives your mailer in the order you intended.
Postage meters allow us to print postage indicias directly onto your mailpieces or labels. This is not only a convenient and cost-effective way to pay for postage, but it also allows for up-to-date postage tracking, which is another measure to ensure that we are getting you the best postage rates possible.
Complex mailers often require four or more letters inserted into a single envelope, and a machine cannot always guarantee the careful planning and preparation involved in inserting a thick or bulky mailing piece. Our team meticulously hand-inserts jobs that are too elaborate for our high-speed automatic inserter, providing a person touch and final verification of consistency.